Suspected Influenza in Older Adults

Suspected Influenza in Older Adults - #83

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Older adults with influenza may present with nonspecific symptoms and/or exacerbations of co-morbid illnesses.

Older adults in the outpatient setting or emergency department with symptoms of influenza.

List practical steps in identifying older patients with possible influenza and initial treatment plans.

  • List three possible differences in the typical presentation of influenza that may be found in older persons.
  • List three “red flag” symptoms which may be present in older adults with influenza.
  • Identify initial testing and treatment plans for older patients with suspected influenza.
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Michael L. Malone, MD, Advocate Aurora Health, Clinical Adjunct Professor, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Adam Perry, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Geisinger Commonwealth Medical College

Becky Weeks, MN, RN, Nurse Clinician, Nursing Administration, Aurora Lakeland Medical Center