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What are Geriatric Fast Facts?

Geriatric Fast Facts are accessible, concise, and clinically actionable 1-2 page reports on Geriatric topics applicable across medical specialties. Fast Facts are interdisciplinary, spanning the progression of medical education.

Recent Fast Facts

Surgical Management of Breast Cancer in the Elderly Patient - #67

Determine appropriate surgical management for elderly breast cancer patients.

Obesity in the Older Adult - #66

Dealing with obesity in the older population in an out-patient setting.

Preventing Hypoglycemia in the Older Adult with Diabetes - #65

Managing diabetes in older adults in an outpatient setting.

Preoperative Geriatric Assessment - #64

Establish capacity for consent and the patient’s understanding of the need of surgery.

Acute Management of Behavior Changes in Hospitalized Patients with Dementia - #63

Identify the specific difficult behavior and apply best practice management strategies.

Tips for Leading Difficult Family Meetings - #59

Outline standard approaches for planning, leading, and concluding difficult family meetings with strategies for navigating conflict.

Medical College of Wisconsin
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Wisconsin Geriatric Education Center