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QT Prolongation: Risk Factors and Considerations Quiz 100
Telemedicine and Geriatric Care Quiz 99
Loneliness of Older Adults Quiz 98
Caregiver Burden in the Context of Dementia Quiz 97
Alzheimer’s Association Direct Connect Referral 96
Dementia Detection: Identifying Red flags of Cognitive Decline Quiz 95
Social Isolation of Older Adults Quiz 94
Age Friendly Healthcare Delivery: The 4Ms Quiz 93
Geriatric Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Quiz 92
Tips for Communicating with Older Patients Quiz 91
Low Health Care Literacy and the Older Patient 90
Hip Fracture Management in Advanced Dementia Patients 89
Guardianship of Adults: Guardian Roles & Responsibilities Quiz 88
Guardianship of Adults: Guardianship Process Quiz 87
Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Older Adults Quiz 86
Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Older Adults Quiz 85
Conversations Surrounding STI Prevention Quiz 84
Suspected Influenza in Older Adults Quiz 83
Improving Care for Older Patients with Depression Quiz 82
Environmental Causes of Falls Quiz 81
Care Transitions: Skilled Nursing Facility to Emergency Department Quiz 80
Treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) in Older Adults Quiz 79
FAQs and Resources for Dementia Patients’ Caregivers 78
Artificial Hydration at End of Life Quiz 77
Artificial Nutrition in Advanced Dementia Patients Quiz 76
Evaluation & Treatment of Mania in Geriatric Patients 75
Drug-Induced Cutaneous Reactions 74
Deprescribing Benzodiazepines in Elderly Patients Quiz 73
Assessment of Dementia Patients in the Emergency Department Quiz 72
Creating a Dementia- Friendly Emergency Department Quiz 71
Senior Housing Options 70
Performance Improvement in the Nursing Home Quiz 69
Deprescribing Medications in Elderly Patients Quiz 68
Surgical Management of Breast Cancer in Elderly Women Quiz 67
Obesity in the Older Adult Quiz 66
Preventing Hypoglycemia in the Older Adult with Diabetes Quiz 65
Preoperative Geriatric Assessment Quiz 64
Acute Management of Behavior Changes in Hospitalized Patients with Dementia Quiz 63
Power of Attorney for Health Care Quiz 62
Advance Directives Quiz 61
Medical Decision-making Capacity Assessment Quiz 60
Tips for Leading Difficult Family Meetings Quiz 59
Assessment of an Older Emergency Department Patient – 10 Key Points Quiz 58
Assessment of Older Adults with Abdominal Pain in the Emergency Department: 10 Key Points Quiz 57
Osteoporosis Treatment Quiz 56
Osteoporosis Screening and Diagnosis Quiz 55
Acute Ischemic Stroke Quiz 54
Inappropriate Sexual Behavior (ISB) and the Dementia Patient Quiz 53
Perioperative Nerve Injury Prevention Quiz 52
Radiation Therapy in the Management of High Risk Nonmetastatic Prostate Cancer in the Geriatric Population Quiz 51
Introduction to Quality Improvement Quiz 50
Radiation Therapy in Management of Low & Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer in the Geriatric Population Quiz 49
Radiation Therapy in Management of Early Breast Cancer Quiz 48
Introduction to Patient Safety Quiz 47
Assessment and Prevention of Delirium in ICU Quiz 46
Frailty in the ICU Quiz 45
When Do I Get an Echo On My Asymptomatic Patient With Severe Aortic Stenosis? Quiz 44
Driving Cessation Quiz 43
Driving Evaluation Tools Quiz 42
Long Term Care Services Quiz 41
Treating Insomnia Quiz 40
Etiologies of Anemia Quiz 39
Evaluating Insomnia Quiz 38
Chemotherapy toxicity Quiz 37
Should your patient have that oncology intervention Quiz 36
Recognizing and Identifying Elder Abuse & Neglect Quiz 35
Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Quiz 34
Peri-operative Management of Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders Quiz 33
Assessing and Managing Low Vision Quiz 32
Basic Assessment of Tinnitus Quiz 31
Fluoroscopy Quiz 30
Systemic Effects of Ocular Medications I. Glaucoma and Pupillary Dilation Quiz 29
Systemic Effects of Ocular Medications II. Age-related Macular Degeneration Quiz 28
Quiz Ocular Effects of Systemic Medications Quiz 27
Should your Patient have that Cardiac Intervention Quiz 26
Home Care Services Quiz 25
Interpreting Echocardiographic Changes Quiz 24
Antiplatelet Therapy Quiz 23
Home Safety Evaluation: Can I Send This Patient Home? Quiz 22
Non vertigo causes of dizziness quiz 21
Cardiac Causes of Syncope Quiz 20
Vertigo and Complaints of Dizziness Quiz 19
Cerumen Impaction Management Quiz 18
Medications in Geriatric Otolaryngology Quiz 17
Falls Risk Factor and Interventions Quiz 16
Fall Etiology and Assessment Quiz 15
Assessing Delirium Quiz 14
Hypertension Quiz 13
Caution: Perioperative Surgery Medications Quiz 12
Diagnosing Dementia in Acutely Ill Patients Quiz 11
Anticoagulation in the Geriatric Surgical Patient Quiz 10
Managing Pain in Rib Fracture Quiz 9
Laboratory Evaluation of Kidney Function Quiz 8
Pharmacologic Aspects of Renal Drug Clearance Quiz 7
Initiating Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) Quiz 6
Etiology of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in Hospitalized Patients Quiz 5
Assessing Gait Quiz 4
Stroke Impairment & Complications Rehabilitation Quiz 3
Post Stroke Depression Quiz 2
Assessment of Fall Risk Etiology Quiz 1